Quick, Distance, and Shooting sticks

These are good descriptions of the types of shots you can encounter while hunting free range animals in open terrain. Generally, there is not a lot of time between deciding to harvest your trophy and it disappearing into the cover, being able to accurately sight your weapon quickly can be a very important contributor to your success.

Many shots are at ranges exceeding 150 yards, our guides suggest hunters feel comfortable and accurate at distances around 200 yards when pursuing game at the Bar H Bar Ranch.

Another consideration is the use of shooting sticks, kneeling, or other positions when a stationary rest is not available. When you begin a stalk on a trophy animal you don't know where the opportunity to harvest that dream animal will arise, you may not have time to find a solid rest from which to shoot - practicing a few alternative positions may come in handy.

Just in case you needed a reason to take that special firearm out for a spin, we strongly encourage you to make a couple trips to the range. Ensure you are comfortable shooting under the conditions which may present themselves during your hunt.

Bring enough gun...

A rifle from a .270 to .300 caliber is recommended for plains and native game up to a .375 for the larger African species. Premium bullets and a high quality scope are highly recommended. Gun rentals are available.

We enforce a wounded animal policy. If you draw blood, it is treated as a kill. While we make every effort to locate a wounded animal, they are occasionally lost. Your time at the range combined with enough firearm can help minimize the opportunity for loss.

Clothing and other gear

Seasonally appropriate cammo wear (green or tan shades) or clothes in khakis or earth-tone colors (nothing bright), binoculars, comfortable rubber soled boots, rain gear, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses and cash for guide gratuities. If you need anything else, we are just minutes from a Super Wal-Mart.


Some legal stuff....

As is fairly common, the Bar H Bar Ranch requires all guests to agree to assume all risks and consequences which may occur during the dangerous activities associated with the hunting of wild game.  Every visitor will be required to sign the following agreement before participating in any activities on the ranch.

Meet the Guides

Jeff Burress and Shane Lowry create a wonderful experience pursuing your trophies.  Combined they have nearly 100 years of hunting experience to share with all guests at the Bar H Bar Ranch.  Both of these gentlemen have extensive experience pursuing animals using the spot and stalk techniques we employ.

They have received many accolades for their patience and guidance with new hunters and compliments for knowing when to let an experienced hunter choose their own path to success.  The days spent with Jeff and Shane are a unique combination of fun, great hunting, and even a little learning along the way.

We're proud to have them both as members of the Bar H Bar Ranch Team and sure you'll enjoy your time with them.